DJ ZsuZsu vermischt nicht die Klänge der 50er Jahre mit der treibenden Energie elektronischer Musik, sondern lässt diese Elemente regelrecht aufeinander prallen. Dabei geben sich House, Deep House, Electro und Electroswing die Klinke in die Hand. Das Ziel jeder Party ist ein Gewitter, ein Sturm, ein tosender Orkan auf dessen Wellen man reitet und sich dabei ertappt «Singing In The Rain» zu kreischen. Das ist ziemlich krass und ziemlich geil zugleich!

DJ ZsuZsu has distinctive look and sound, mixing elements of 50’s swing, twist, rock’n’roll and contemporary electronic music such as House, Deep House and Electro Swing in her music and a retro, dressed-to-the-nines wardrobe. The goal of her DJ sets is a thunderstorm, a tempest, a ride on a raging hurricane where one can be caught screaming „Singing In the Rain“. That’s pretty extreme and pretty wicked at the same time!


Being among the first Swiss House DJ’s - she came a long way! Her way! Untill 2005 she performed all over the world. (Berlin, Hamburg, NY, Washington, Rio, etc.). Later she decided to stop being a DJ in order to study economics. Having a master degree and couple of years in white collar businesses, she rediscovered her love for the art of djing and felt the urge to bring something new into the world of electronic music. On Saint Nicholas Day, December 06, 2013 she relaunched her career. Ever since, everything she does is magic!